Shipping your vehicle can be a stressful experience, especially if it is your first time. There is a lot of information that you need to sort through so that you get the right vehicle transport company. Shifting from Utah to New Jersey is a great decision as the latter’s proximity to New York makes it a happening place with lots to offer. 

While the capital of New Jersey is Trenton, the most populous city in the state is Newark. The state is popular as the “Crossroads of the East” home to thousands of manufacturers that ship goods all across the globe. Apart from an extremely impressive manufacturing sector, New Jersey is most famous for its research centers.

You must be wondering how to get your car shipped from Utah to New Jersey. Your worries end with Ship A Car, Inc., the best and most reputed vehicle transport company that offers reliable and effortless shipping from any location in Utah at the most compatible price. They are an experienced shipping company with direct access to a huge network of carriers across the US, Alaska, and Hawaii. Contact their transport coordinator for transporting your vehicle directly from any residential or business location in Utah to New Jersey. 

Distance of Utah to New Jersey

The distance between Utah and New Jersey is approximately 2230.4 miles and vehicle shipping take almost 5-7 days. The transit time may change depending upon extreme circumstances like unavoidable delays or changing the routes, if necessary.

The cheapest way to ship your car from Utah to New Jersey

The easiest and most cost-effective way to ship your car from Utah to New Jersey is through an open carrier that can fit more than 10 cars at a time. An enclosed carrier is an expensive option and is much more suitable for transporting classic or luxury vehicles. Open vehicle carriers can fit more than 10 cars at a time. 

Door-to-door transport

Door-to-door shipping is popular pickup and delivery choice. Most vehicle shipping companies’ online calculator selects this option as the default service. With a door-to-door service option, the carrier will pick up your vehicle at or near your pick-up location in Utah and deliver it at a drop-off location in New Jersey. If your area has limited access for trucks then you might need to meet the carrier in a parking lot or a nearby street.

Terminal transport

A terminal-to-terminal transport is another cheap option for shipping your vehicle from Utah to New Jersey. You drop off your vehicle at a terminal location in Utah from where it is picked up and then pick it up at another terminal in New Jersey destination.

Things to take care of in vehicle shipping to New Jersey


One thing to note while having your vehicle shipped to New Jersey from Utah is to expect heavy traffic at the double-decked George Washington Bridge. This is one of the important bridges that connects New Jersey and New York and hence, is the most heavily trafficked bridge in the world. The bridge remains choked with heavy traffic between 3 pm and 7 pm. Although it has fourteen lanes for easing out the traffic rush, there could still be heavy traffic expected during these hours.