The new era of the 21st century has come up with particular attention to online stores. Now you can get live broadcasts, sell items or Facebook live because it’s a new era, and everyone goes live. Simple broadband connectivity smartphone will help you to make more money. Follow the techniques of live broadcast and sell the product according. Online selling (ขาย ของ ออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) is much more innovative, which can increase the target of the customer to attract the platform easily. Enjoy the new era of the 21st century and go live to sell the product.

Why Does Facebook Stay In Trend?

Talking about live (Facebook platform) (ไลฟ์สด, which is the term in Thai) is the best way for the user to go live. You can participate in the live broadcast simultaneously regardless of whether the person follows your page or not. Especially online sales, like clothes, cosmetics, bags etc., have become the centre of attraction. The live Facebook channel is an online product-selling channel popular among sellers.

· Equipment’s Required

Suppose you are a new online seller who wants to sell live on Facebook. What should be your criteria? It would help if you prepared for the following before going live.

· Smartphone

The first and foremost important is to avail a smartphone. It is one of the essential tools; with this, you can go live. You need to have at least two smartphones. The two smartphones will be the easier option because you can go live and sell the product from one, and from the other, you can take the order and answer the question.

· Internet

With the Internet, you can ace the field. It also comes under basic requirements, and the Internet speed at actual time selling should always be great. If live selling stuff goes wrong, then it can frustrate your audience. It will create a negative impact and further reduce your business.

· Tripod

Along with Internet connectivity and cell phone, you need a tripod because the image will shake and create a disturbance without it.

Other than this, you require live lights to increase the productivity of the viewers. A microphone with the help of which the interaction between you and the audience becomes more leisurely.

Bottom Line

Facebook live for selling is in huge demand nowadays. It is not complicated, and a few simple steps will always give you a fresh kick-start. Attract your customers and increase selling productivity through a live platform like Facebook.