Text messages are one of the most common communication methods used by businesses. Offering a swift and accessible means of relaying information, text messaging has helped companies achieve maximum audience reach and productivity.

However, it is important to maintain compliance for text messages. While they are beneficial for your business’s operations, you must ensure they are safe and used according to the law. The best way to ensure your firm is safe from unwanted consequences is to use an archive.

Capturing text messages and storing them in an archive allows you to keep records of your conversations. This is especially helpful during audits, investigations, and e-discoveries.

But what would happen if you neglect to archive business text messages? 

Compliance Violations

Text messaging archives are not optional; the law mandates them. Every company must have records of all their communications, or else they face legal consequences.

Regulations for text messaging are twice firmer in certain industries, including financial, public service, and healthcare. Organizations like FINRA, the SEC, and HIPAA will not hesitate to impose fines, court cases, and suspensions.

Whether your business belongs to these industries or not, you must maintain a reliable archive of every text message to avoid sanctions.

Lack of Evidence

Besides pleasing regulatory bodies, text message archives can become a valuable asset during investigations. Remember, digital media and communications are considered evidence in court.

Litigation and e-discoveries require the parties to present copies of their communications. You have serious legal ramifications if you fail to show a single record. Plus, this may give the impression that the business is incompetent in safeguarding data.

Other than court cases, captured text messages can be used for employee investigations. If one of your workers commits trouble via text, you can browse your archive for proof.

Security Issues

Perhaps the biggest concern with the lack of proper text message archiving is weak security. Text messages are often not protected by modern cybersecurity measures, often resulting in lost or stolen information.

Advanced text message archiving software also protects your business from leaks by detecting keywords and warning the sender. Also, you don’t have to worry about messages being deleted since you have an accurate and unaltered digital record.

Protect Your Business Today

It is essential to take the necessary measures to ensure communications are safe and compliant with relevant laws. You don’t have to stop using text messages in the workplace; contact LeapXpert today for one of the world’s most trusted archiving software.