The revolutionary chronograph wristwatch that Rolex has designed with the launch of the Rolex Daytona is applaudable. This specific watch is for people who are into racing as it measures the elapsed time. After being manufactured for four distinct generations, the current generation Rolex comes with features that stand out in the real world making it a unique one. It comes under the luxury category and depicts features like style, elegance, and luxury.

Features Of Rolex Daytona

The following are the features that stand out when it comes to Rolex:

· The Oyster Case

The Oyster case of the watch is well equipped with a 20 mm diameter and comes with a guaranteed waterproof to up to 100 meters or 340 feet. This further highlights the reliability and robustness of the watch. As per the middle case, it is designed with a firm block of oyster steel of 18 CT gold or 950 platinum.

· Speed Measurement Upto 400 Units Per Hour

The scale of the watch is effectively used to measure an average speed over a given distance based on the elapsed time. This is feasible if you want to measure up to 400 units per hour, which is expressed in kilometers, miles, or any other unit of measurement.

· Chronometer Certification

As per Rolex, this watch comes with a chronometer certification, which guarantees that each watch that has been sold from the brand workshop has been tested by Rolex in the laboratory as per the criteria. This superlative chronometer is identified by the green seal that you can find in the Rolex watch, which comes with an international guarantee of five years.

· Secure Bracelet And Clasp

In terms of the bracelet, the watch is well equipped with a three-piece link oyster bracelet that is well complimented with two firm and solid curved metal blades. You can also adjust the bracelet length as it comes with an adjustable feature of up to 15 mm. Besides, the ceramic inserts that are present inside the links promote longevity and flexibility.

Wrapping Up!

Hence, the Rolex comes with a set of unavoidable features that one wants in its watch. As the name suggests, the name of the watch is itself intertwined with motorsport, where the term ‘Daytona’ depicts the Florida beach, a place where the first-ever speed records were set on United States soil. Thus, with Rolex, you are treating yourself to one of the timeless elegance that will complement your look.