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Explore the power of partnering with Amazon Seller Consultant leading agency – grabbing attention, generating sales, and forging enduring relationships with customers. Discover how professional agencies guide brand owners to achieve month-on-month growth in Organic and Sponsored rankings on Amazon. Whether you are a seasoned seller or new in the market with leading Amazon ad specialists you can successfully sell on Amazon – delve deep into the matrix of the world’s biggest e-commerce giant. 

How to set up highly targeted campaigns? Answering Why? Who? Where? 

  • Set well-defined campaign goals – Before setting up the campaign, it is crucial to lay down the brand goals and objectives. Highly targeted campaigns help to boost sales, drive traffic toward the store or detail page, and generate potential leads. It enables the creation of well-structured campaigns once experts have outlined brand objectives. 
  • Creating buyers-persona – After figuring out the why, let’s move forward to find who? Who should you show these campaigns to? Who is interested in our products and how should you target them? Campaigns are targeted based on demographics, purchase behavior and interest.
  • Choosing the suitable ad placement – Leading industry experts help you to figure out where to show ads on search results pages for maximum impressions and clicks.
  • Keyword analysis – Conducting detailed keyword research and identifying high-converting keywords to be strategically positioned in campaigns will surely boost sales. By using premium third-party tools such as Helium 10, Jungle Scout and Merchant Words experts filter keywords based on search-volume trends and competition. 
  • Competitor Research – Experts constantly tap competitors and analyze the changes they are making in price, enhanced brand content, images, offers and promotions they are providing to better understand what works for brands and what doesn’t.
  • Category targeting – With millions of categories available on Amazon, filtering the correct categories to target helps experts reach the right audience 
  • Designing excellent Ad copy and creative – Embedding the product detail page with eye-catching product images that will keep customers hooked to the detail page.
  • Bid Optimization and budget allocation – Setting daily and monthly budgets based on the brand’s campaign goal.
  • Reporting and account checkup – Reporting experts perform regular account checkups and daily reporting to refine the campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who are eligible to run ads?

  • Sellers and vendors who have enrolled in the Brand registry can use Sponsored Ads. 

What is the minimum budget required to start a campaign?

  • This highly depends on the product demand and product price. However, experts evenly allocate the approved budget across all campaigns for optimum results.

Which metric should one look into?

PPC specialists optimize campaigns to reduce Acos and maximize RoI. The main goal is to cut down on irrelevant spending to improve Impressions and clicks. PPC specialists look into different key – performance indicators – which differ from project to project.

How do Amazon ads specialists differ from any other experts?

As a certified Amazon consultant agency, its track record speaks for itself. Amazon Ads specialists have worked with top brands, and PPC experts have handled 7 to 8-figure seller accounts smoothly. Now you will never have to outsource your project to any other seller agency.