BBQs 2u and Masterbuilt are the Best Combinations

Masterbuilt is an American-based manufacturer of the top-quality barbecue series. They came into existence in 1973 and are known for their affordable, versatile, and also innovative creations. 

BBQs 2u is the best-known destination for finding everything manufactured by Masterbuilt in one place. 

BBQs 2u is a family-owned retailer of all kinds of kitchen appliances including barbecue grills, pizza ovens, cooking units, and so on. 

This family business was passed on from one generation to another and now three generations of grilling and barbecuing experts run this business. 

The Masterbuilt Gravity series was introduced to the world by this famous manufacturer in 2020. 

Their productions are all digitally controlled and are famous for offering both smoking and grilling options in one place. 

The demand for their products made them introduce many series in Gravity collections and Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 is an addition to this collection. 

The starting price of the Masterbuilt series is £649.00 and are available in many ranges such as £699.00, £795.00, and £890.00, and so on.

 All the units have in-built digitalfans to help the whole system cool down when there is a constant circulation of heat inside. 

This fan also make sure that the desired temperature is maintained constant throughout the cooking hours. 

Once lit, the unit can run up to 12 hours continuously. With enough supply of charcoal or gas heating units, the users can enjoy baking, searing, grilling, and even baking all the food items to the required levels. 

The proper blend of heat and smoky flavour will make food extra delicious for consumption. 

When the fan is switched on, the temperature will be controlled at the desired levels throughout cooking. 

The in-built charcoal hopper can hold the required charcoal quantities for the unit to burn continuously for the next 12 hours. 

Hence, the users need not refill the fire source every time the unit is lit. 

Masterbuilt Gravity series is designed with an in-built frequency receiver to catch Bluetooth signals from nearby devices. 

Hence, the users can connect to the unit by installing the Masterbuilt app and enjoy controlling cooking from their comfort zone without the need of moving anywhere. 

All the grilling and smoking desires can be achieved with the help of a simple touch on the app. 

The height of Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 is 132cm, its width is 137cm, and its length is 62cm. 

The name of any particular Gravity series can be seen on the model, and the buyers can connect to the device by choosing the right model option in the app. 

Some of the destinations such as BBQs 2u sell the required accessories along with the smoke + grilling unit such as different flavoured sauces and spreads, grill brush for smearing the sauce, cover designed exclusively for each unit, charcoal lumps of different weights, oak chunks, natural firelighters, and many more things. 

If someone is new to the world of the Masterbuilt Gravity series, then they can first try the starter pack available in BBQs 2u to get acquainted with the unit. 

All interested users have to do is check the webpage of BBQs 2u and chat with the experts.