We like to go hiking as a family. This weekend we tried hiking over days in new areas which mean a whole lot more logistically. Luckily, my man loves to pack, and is quite good at it. Also; he doesn’t mind carrying most of it. That way I can use all my strength to motivate LO to walk towards our goal ( i.e. cabin or top of a mountain) or to carry him.




We didn’t bring a fancy camera and I wore the same clothes for three days, so don’t look for art or glamour.  But LO loved to be outside all the time, he loved to experience new cabins and the random people we shared the cabin with. Yes, that’s right, we have access to over 2000 cabins through a membership for people that like to go hiking/skiing/biking/canoeing/kiting in nature (Turistforeningen). Sharing is part of the sweet deal. One key fits them all ❤


A wrap is an excellent companion. It folds up small, it can be used a a blanket, sun-shield, towel, swing, hammock. Probably more. Also, wrapped carefully it’s very comfortable to carry a heavy child in it and you can vary your carries to minimise the strain on your body.  I warmly recommend it ❤