Minako Gems Lilac 5 review

Versjon 2
Unreleased from Minako
Blend: 64% egyptian cotton 36% bio cotton
Length: 4.34 m
Width: 0.66 m
Weight: 826 g
GSM: 288 g/m2 (my measurements)
Recoil/bounce: Just a little
Grip/glide: slightly more grip than glide
Cush: yes!
Wrappee: 23 months, 12.5 kg

First encounter

I was so curious about this one! Minako’s first all cotton Gems. They’re nothing like any cotton you’ve met, I’d say. Of course I don’t know what kind of cotton you’ve met, but I’ll do my best to describe in the following. The colour is slightly dusty cool lilac on the right side. Think of lilac shrubs. The wrong side has a bluish medium grey colour. Both sides have widespread woven-in cute gems of different sizes. As the contrast is rather low here, the pattern is not very visible. This one has travelled a lot before it came to me, so I cannot tell how it was initially, but the wrap is now very soft, mouldable, floppy and cool to touch. You can tell it’s airy, by looking at the weave. It’s not dense, nor very loose. But it is on the coarser side, and I like watching the lilac weft and the grey warp. The warp is thin, regular and uniform, while the weft is chubby with little thickenings on it, coming and going. This is no ordinary cotton! It’s kind of nubby. I love nubby ❤

Wrapping qualities

Lilac Gem is incredibly easy to wrap with. It’s medium thick. It’s easy to tighten and put in place. You don’t need to hold tension as your life were dependent on it, it won’t slip. But it’s not hard to layer either; you would quite easily be able to manage that second pass in a double hammock or pirate carry. Hence, it has a slight overweight of grip over glide, making it very widely likable. It’s floppy like a blanket. Yes, the wrap is most likely very broken in due to its travel, but the rather loose weave makes me think that the mouldability was there quite initially. Interestingly it has a heavy drape. It adds an unexpected luxury feel, like the very luxurious Minako Ursus or a lot of AP wraps. Not what you would expect from an all cotton wrap!
It has a tiny bit of stretch, but vey little, like most Gems I’ve met (Sierra, Rusty, Amber, Gneiss/TOAK). I think it makes them very suitable for long hikes. That, together with the cush for days makes the wraps easy to choose when you know you’ll be wearing the toddler or baby for a longer period of time. It’ll be very nice on any picky shoulders. This extraordinary cush originates from the weave, all the Gems are woven with a double cloth, what is most often called triweave. Gem Lilac will be suitable for all ages, it will not feel overwhelming on a squish, I think. Also it’s not very hard to use for someone in the beginning of their wrapping career, though not my top choice for neither situations.
I used it in a double hammock, front wrap cross carry and a ruck. All perfect. I tried it in a reverse coolest hip carry too, but I’m no expert at that 😉 It was comfortable despite all the slack. I couldn’t loosen the slipknot in a smooth way for successful transfer after, but I’m not sure I can blame the wrap for that 😛
I’m not sure when Minako plan to release this, but I hope it’s during this summer, because it will be a nice addition anyone’s summer stash, including mine! It’s cool to touch, airy, has easy-going happy colours, is super-easy care and does not feel like cotton.
Who would love this:
• Cush lovers
• People that are afraid of “delicate” fabrics
• People that hate to break in wraps
Who would be more lukewarm to this:
• People who prefer glide more than grip
• Those who prefer warmer colours
• Those who aren’t fans of the Gem pattern (weird, yes. But I know a few)
Gee, it feels artificial to try to find out reasons why people would not like it. It’s very easy to like!
Thank you Elena Moskaleva for making these exquisite, lush wraps and sending them up North. And thank you Beathe Hodne Manger for organizing the wrap tours and for being so extremely patient with me while I had the wraps for a tad longer than agreed. That meant a lot to me ❤

Minako Ursus

Coincidence has made it so that I, a bigtime Minako lover suddenly find myself with no less than two Minako Ursus wraps a home. This is due to huge generosity in the babywearing community. Gotta love that. Ursus is the latin family name of bears, which in a very subtle and abstract way is in the pattern. It’s the first time I try it. I’ve been sticking to the Gem pattern because I’ve always had a huge crush on that, geologist and all.


Top one is brand new, straight from Russia with love, Ursus Lacy. The blend is 42% Egyptian cotton, 36% Tsumugi silk and 22% Irish linen. My toddler and I are breaking it in for another mama. It has had a first bath here and had to be ironed. OMG it’s so boring to iron silk. It is the slowest process ever. But it does make a difference, so I bear it. Pun not intended, initially!


The second one, Ursus Polar comes from a loving home and has been travelling for some weeks. The weave is well set and it’s broken in. Ursus Polar lends its name from the king of the Arctic, Ursus Maritimus, better known as Mr. Polar Bear. The blend is 42% L.S. egyptian cotton, 36% Japanese Tsumugi silk (space dyed) 16% mulberry silk and 6%babycamel. What a mix! The colour composition is from pastel babyblue, navy and black. But the appearance to me, is grey and black, with a subtle play of colour; blue, yellow and purple. It reminds me of the optics that occur in oil when the sun hits it.


I’m not a huge fan of the pattern astatically, though it’s growing on me. Still, I love what the pattern does. It provides loads of grip, cush, some diagonal stretch and a heavy drape. I like the fact that there are bears in the pattern, but you can’t see them unless you look very carefully for them. It’s really abstract. The designer of this, Yehrin Tong, also made Oscha Raja and Zorro. You can easily see the resemblance. If you are a Raja or Zorro lover, look out for Ursus. It comes in a lot of exiting blends blends.


Thank you Beathe Hodne Manger and Nena Solheim Varga for expanding my level of wrapsperience ❤



Buckles can be handy too

I’m a wrapper at heart, but sometimes I need the ease of buckles. Like today; my body was seriously aching after the first yoga class in over a year. Yes, I know I should take it slow at first, but I was so happy to discover that my body remembered the movements and that I wasn’t that weak after all. Babywearing has strengthened me!


I vaguely remember someone in a in Facebook chatter-group saying that they became a better swimmer after motherhood due to babywearing, even though she was quite good to begin with, competing and all. I have never had a strong upper body; I’ve actually hated all kinds of push-ups and all ab-workouts because of this. See the vicious circle? Imagine how amazed I was when I could follow the yoga class after all this time, a little stiff, but stronger than ever. Well, stronger, but not that strong.


Now, two days after I literally cannot move without crying. I tried wrapping. Ouch. So todays evening walk had to be in buckles. Lucky for me I own the comfiest, most beautiful buckles. It is a special soft structured carrier wrap conversion sewn by Koshko-Mama, made from a very pretty and rare wrap, Minako Quartz Gem. This soft structured carrier is one of a kind. Now baby is asleep, and soon I will too. Hope to feel better tomorrow ❤


PS: Old pictures, due to evening darkness.