Review: Linuschka Ipomee Velvet Sunset 7

Ipomee 4
Photo: Tale Hendnes

Wrappée: 21 months, 11.5 kg

Length: 550 cm

Width: 67 cm

Weight: 1064 g

GSM: 280 (pre-wash) 289 (after wash)

Recoil/bounce: Low

Grip/glide: A tiny bit more glide than grip, but not at all slippery.

Cush: yes!

Blend: 35 % organic cotton, 35 % tussah silk, 24 % mercerized and mulesing free merino wool and 6 % silk (mulberry I presume)

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-12
Photo: Tale Hendnes Caption: Inga Semmingsen and her beautiful wrappée

First encounter:

The wrap is a true chameleon in different lightning, but the colour to me is an intense bright violet blue combined with colourful nubby tweed in a lighter, dustier shade of blue. The latter is with soft tussah nubs that appear in shades of clear royal blue, spring green and purple. While this is my perception of the colours, and maybe yours too, this interplay comes from a combination of black warp with two different wefts; purple merino/silk and purple/royal blue/green tussah silk. It’s very interesting how different colours work together in a woven wrap!


Foto Tale Hendnes-2-13
Photo: Tale Hendnes

It is soft right out of the box. Don’t be fooled, it is in loom state and it will need a bath and preferably some ironing. Though, do not worry a second about breaking in this wrap. It’s not necessary. It will probably fluff up and become even more floppy because that’s natural with a baby wrap. But it’s perfectly soft, mouldable and floppy from after the first wash and iron. And you will probable want to cuddle with it when your loved ones are asleep.

Photo: Tale Hendnes


Wrapping Qualities

It is very easy to wrap with. It is easy to tighten and it does not feel thick in hand despite a GSM in the upper range. It moulds easily and is easy to manoeuvre to the right position. No sweat or tired arms here. I don’t find this wrap very grippy, maybe because the tussah nubs are so soft that they do not provide the usual tussah badass grippiness. Due to this, it’s easy to position the second layer in a double hammock, pirate or shepherds carry and will be very suiting also for a non-experienced wrapper. But it has grip enough to keep the wiggling toddler in place until you decide it’s time to come down. The wrap is sturdy, with just a tiny bit of bounce. Even you’re allergic to bounce or recoil, you can cope with this. It feels thin, yet cushy, a combination that should be impossible. I think it’s the airiness, delivered by both the double cloth weave and the double weft together with the thin threads that make this possible. It’s equally fitting for both squish and toddler, even in one layer, though more comfortable with two.


Pile of fluff: Velvet Sunset, unreleased Linuschka Boutons and Dahlia Us Everywhere

Do not worry about the upcoming summer. This is a woollen wrap you can cope with using in summer temperatures. It is so airy. It calls out for lovers of strong colours and confetti, especially blue and purple. I recommend this wrap for picky shoulders, lovers of bright blues or violet and those who prefer an effortless wrap experience.

Ipomee 3
Photo: Tale Hendnes

Huge thanks to my beautiful friends Inga Semmingsen and Tale Hendnes for modelling and photographing and general awesomeness.

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-17
Photo: Tale Hendnes Caption: Inga Semmingsen and her beautiful wrappée