Review: Bærelykke Sovestøv 3

Blend: Cotton
Weave: Pebble
Length: 3.53 m
Width: 0.67 m
Weight: 836 g
GSM: 380 (data from Bærelykke) 353 (after wash and wear)
Recoil/bounce: Not much
Grip/glide: Grippy
Cush: A hint
Wrappee: 2 years 13 kg

First encounter:

I spoke with the lovely Christina Eng Hauge from bærelykke ( at the Norwegian National Babywearing Convention 2017 (Nasjonalt Bæretreff). She showed me this soft coloured wrap, told me about it and asked me if I’d like to test it. Of course! ❤ Innslag, an experienced weaver in the heart of Oslo, have woven Sovestøv in collaboration with Christina. Despite her level of experience, this is her first babywrap. It’s one of the first two made and there’s still warp left for two-three more wraps, which are woven as we speak. The warp is made up by cotton in a natural white, soft warm light yellow and medium grey colour with white weft in a pebble weave. The occurrence of yellow threads increase from one side to another, leaving one long end almost white. It is rather densely woven for a handwoven, but still airy. I can’t wait to give it a go!

Wrapping Qualities:

I know some people who touched Sovestøv during the convention said that it was densely woven and rather mute. It kind of is. During the first ups I tried double layer carries, pirate and Sheperds carry. I probably didn’t succeed very well because the carries weren’t very comfortable or cosy. I was a bit disappointed, because I really wanted to love it, having been made here locally. So I gave it a break for a few days contemplating whether to be upfront and just give it back again. During these days, I sat on it whenever I sat. Not folded nicely, but in a crumbled mess. That’s my favourite way of breaking in new wraps, aside from using them, of course. Densely woven wraps can be tough when it comes to breaking in.
When I used it again, only in one-layer carries this time, it was a huge success. It was comfortable and sturdy. I used front wrap cross carry tied at shoulder and ruck tied in front. Even in poor execution the result was nice on the shoulders. And it stayed in place.
Sovestøv has rather little stretch. It’s very grippy, at least at this stage, before it’s more broken in. The second layer is hard to tighten. Bonus is that you rarely need more than a half-knot. Actually, I prefer it in single layers. I would recommend it to lovers of simple ruck. It gives you a fuzz-free ruck, if you have shoulders to accommodate the fabric. With Sovestøv, I prefer a ruck with a candy cane chest belt with a bunched legpass, rather than the reinforcing layer. Like that, the shoulder straps don’t slide down the shoulders.
I love tactile middle markers. I’ve been wrapping a lot in the dark and I’m used to feeling my way to the middle markers. Also, I like to keep my eyes at the running toddler, with tactile middle markers I can multitask. So even though the golden thread that marks the middle in one of the sides is gorgeous and cute, I don’t find it very practical. May I be that bold to suggest simple soft leather mid marker? On both sides, preferably? Because I really don’t like it when I choose the wrong side. But it’s quite easy to sew on one yourself, if you’re like me and misses it.
Despite the light colour, this is as easycare as it gets. You can wash it properly with enzyme detergent to remove stains and I would be impressed if you can produce a pull. It was a pleasure to test it and I’m sure it will receive lots of love on its way, as it’s a very likeable and easygoing wrap.
For the remaining warp, I would find it interesting to see some wool mixed in, to give it some more stretch. Maybe weave more loosely, with a different cotton to make it softer. And I would love to see twill weave! I love the cush it introduces. Though I’m really no expert in handwovens; I’ve just dipped my toe slightly into it. I follow Innslag and bærelykke with excitement ❤

Who would love this:

• Lovers of easycare wraps
• Those allergic to bounce and recoil
• Grip-lovers

Who would be more lukewarm to this:

• Those who need two middle markers
• Wool seekers
• Those who prefer wraps with glide
Thank you Christina Eng Hauge from bærelykke, for lending me this wrap to expand my wrapsperience, I really appreciate it :*
Thank you Inga Greipsland for taking photos! :*