Review: Lollik Vinger Driftwood 6

Blend: 81% Egyptian cotton / 19% Linen
Length: 4.74 m
Width: 0.63 m
Weight: 972 g
GSM: 320 (prewash) 325 (after wash and wear)
Recoil/bounce: Yes
Grip/glide: a bit more grip than glide
Cush: Some
Wrappee: 2 years 13 kg

First encounter:

Wow! It’s so soft. Is this really linen? Dark warm grey and natural white in a complicated pattern, called Vinger. That is Danish for wings, which the incredibly intricate and cleverly made pattern envisions. It is both abstract and naturalistic at the same time, balancing a fine line. A Danish textile designer, Eva Louise Hauge (Evalou), designed it. She is also a former babywearer. As the pattern gives the wrap a 3D effect, the grey really pops out from the white; I perceive the weave as airy even though it’s rather dense. The nubs are scarce and in a way it feels a bit more like cotton. It is very floppy, even right after a wash (I had to wash it because I soaked it in sweat while hiking). I’d say this is a linen wrap for those who normally don’t like linen. But I have to add; this wrap had travelled long before it came to me. It was well broken in.

Wrapping Qualities:

I have used this wrap in a front wrap cross carry, double hammock variations, Poppins hip carry and kangaroo. My favourites were double hammock variations and kangaroo. Maybe this is because the wrap is rather stretchy, and these carries benefits from the stretch. My sleep refusing toddler could wiggle and bend himself almost out of it when in a front wrap cross carry during evenings. So I was a bit reluctant when I took Vinger Driftwood as the one and only wrap for a daylong hike in the woods. There would be no way back if it didn’t work and I would be annoyed from re-tightening or aching if it didn’t work. Luckily it worked like a charm and proved all my dark suspicions wrong. I had to re-tighten only once in the beginning, it felt super comfortable the whole time and I didn’t ache anywhere else than my feet. Huge success. Also, It dried very well during our one-hour break. It must be the airy weave.
To sum up the qualities as I perceived them; floppy, lovely drape, light feel, medium thin in hand, a bit more grip than glide, nice stretch (not to much for a long hike) and a little bit of cush. It’s supportive for a toddler (better in multiple layers), but will also fit for a baby when broken in (though not my first choice for a newborn).
The wrap is cool and airy, perfect for warmer climates. It’s truly easycare, and not pullprone despite the complicated pattern. I would not hesitate to bring linen blend Lollik Vinger as only one or two wraps during a holiday or to have it as part of a minimalist stash, if you find yourself prone to that.
I only have one downside to mark. The midmarker is lovely, but it’s only on one side. If your’re a meticulous wrapper with a running toddler, are visionally challenged or if you wrap a lot it the dark, that might annoy you. When you pick the wrong side, it will take one or two minutes extra to find the right starting point. My toddler would be out of sight by then.

Who would love this:

  • Lovers of easycare wraps
  • Fans of intricate patterns
  • Those who prefer a little bit of stretch and a hint of cush

Who would be more lukewarm to this:

  • Those who need two middle markers
  • Wool seekers
  • Those who prefer silent wraps
Thanks to Lollik for making such a lush wrap and Laila Pettersen for including me in the Lollik tester group to expand my wrapsperience :*