Moving your car to Michigan from Georgia means moving to the northeastern United States from the southeastern part of the US. The approximate distance is around 1,000 miles and the transit period would be 2-4 days. You might decide to drive your vehicle but you already have so many things to take care of when planning for a long-distance move. Hence, the sensible decision would be to leave it to the experts. 

Since it is an interstate transport, the rules and regulations can change, and so, you cannot take a chance with an inexperienced vehicle transport company. You need good experts for shipping your car that you can rely on. Moreover, auto transport companies have the expertise and equipment to ensure that your vehicle gets to the location safely.

Finding the correct auto transport company

Finding the right auto transport company for moving your vehicle from Georgia to Michigan needs time and research. 

  • Look for positive customer reviews.
  • Check the business certifications and licensing
  • Check if the company has dedicated customer support to address your queries at any time.

If this research sounds daunting, visit, the official website of the best auto transport company, Ship A Car, Inc. They are an extremely reliable and experienced transport company with direct access to the largest network of vehicle carriers. Just give them a call and leave the rest to them, your job will be done. From the initial quote to delivering your vehicle in Michigan, Ship A Car, Inc makes your vehicle shipping process easy, convenient, and reliable.

The company does not charge any upfront cost for calling to find out more information, getting a rate quote, and signing a contract to get your vehicle on board for shipping to Michigan from Georgia. Your assigned Ship A Car, Inc agent will work for free for you to locate a reliable and experienced carrier. You will be only charged a small deposit once you agree to the transport terms and conditions and your vehicle is dispatched to the carrier for pickup.

Their knowledgeable team will facilitate your vehicle transport from Georgia to Michigan from start to finish. Their completely insured and bonded carriers will do everything possible to ensure that your vehicle is safe during the entire transport process. Just call or mail them to know the details and book them in advance for moving your vehicle from Georgia to Michigan.

Is top load service preferable while transportation?

Top load service is when your vehicle is placed on the highest deck level of an open carrier for transportation. This is mostly preferred over the bottom load for long-distance shipping as the cars boarded on the lower deck are at risk of having fluid leaking from cars boarded above them.

Shipping of inoperable vehicle

You can also ship your inoperable or non-running vehicle to Michigan from Georgia. Ship A Car, Inc books a special auto carrier that connects a winch to your car and pulls it safely on the carrier. You can state this while booking with them.

The best place to start is a reliable and experienced auto shipping company that will deliver your vehicle safely to Michigan giving you peace of mind.