Pile of fluff: Now also with names

Someone in my Instagram account asked me if I can write the names of the wraps. Of course I can. But I’d rather do it here, because I’m lacy and prefer a computer keyboard over the phone any day.


Left, bottom to top:

Sling Studio Falling Feathers Owlet 6

Minako Gem Gneiss 6

Solnce Phases Saorsa 6

Woven Wings November Rain 6

Kokoro Mon Chéri Fog 6

Sling Studio Buzz Melliferous

Linuschka Bolero New Life 6


Right, bottom to top:

Sjala Rowan Hurricane 5

Sling Studio Bracken Barberry 4

PinkNova Leaves Salt and Pepper 4

Ankalia Fuse Twilight 4

Sling Studion Heritage Herringbone Jurassic Slate 3

Linuschka Bolero Proto 2

London Sling Company Voronoi Dunaway RS

Artipoppe Argus Illusion RS


My pile of fluff

I mentioned how winter makes me question my pile of silk and other fancy constituents and that I hate that. Yesterday another factor slipped into the equation. LO walked the entire way home from day-care. While I very much welcome that as a mother, I see his eager steps and curious and proud face and melt inside, the babywearer in me dies just a little. Now that I nearly perfected my collection!


I have thin to medium thick, yet some cushy and lovely grippy wraps in every length and level of care. Something for hot days and sickness, something for hour-long walks in the woods, something endlessly soft and comforting for lulling LO to sleep. Some of them are, or at least used to be highly sought after. And a couple of ringslings for quick fixes.

Photo: Maria Vatne/ Bygdefotografen

I know I have to rationalize somehow, but I’d rather just postpone it…

Photo: Maria Vatne/ Bygdefotografen


I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the world where the seasons have marked changes. Of course every season has its charm but I must admit; even though I love to ski, I long for warmer weather and brighter days quite early in the winter. And now it’s just around the corner. It’s more often plus than minus degrees and it’s daylight when I bring little one to and from day-care. It makes all the difference. Today was actually quite warm. I could sport just a t-shirt in the middle of the day.


Photo: Inga Greipsland

Don’t get me wrong, I do love being cosy in my pretty babywearing coat, but it’s even better to wear a thick sweater and show off all the pretty wraps. If winter was never ending in every practical kind of way, like in Svalbard where I once used to live, I would never bother to have more than lets say to or three wraps. Winter makes me question my pile of silk and other fancy constituents. And I hate that.


Therefore; Spring you are very welcome. Not a minute too early. I’m just spamming you with last year early spring babywearing photos, I can’t wait to wrap and shoot more this spring ❤




Buckles can be handy too

I’m a wrapper at heart, but sometimes I need the ease of buckles. Like today; my body was seriously aching after the first yoga class in over a year. Yes, I know I should take it slow at first, but I was so happy to discover that my body remembered the movements and that I wasn’t that weak after all. Babywearing has strengthened me!


I vaguely remember someone in a in Facebook chatter-group saying that they became a better swimmer after motherhood due to babywearing, even though she was quite good to begin with, competing and all. I have never had a strong upper body; I’ve actually hated all kinds of push-ups and all ab-workouts because of this. See the vicious circle? Imagine how amazed I was when I could follow the yoga class after all this time, a little stiff, but stronger than ever. Well, stronger, but not that strong.


Now, two days after I literally cannot move without crying. I tried wrapping. Ouch. So todays evening walk had to be in buckles. Lucky for me I own the comfiest, most beautiful buckles. It is a special soft structured carrier wrap conversion sewn by Koshko-Mama, made from a very pretty and rare wrap, Minako Quartz Gem. This soft structured carrier is one of a kind. Now baby is asleep, and soon I will too. Hope to feel better tomorrow ❤


PS: Old pictures, due to evening darkness.




The second blog post: Evening walks

The second blog post. A true milestone. It’s like a popular band’s second album. What’s your angle on it? How serious, how to the point will you be? Should it be more conversational? I’d come to; whatever suits me in the moment. I’ll write small anecdotes, post a wrap review, share some pictures or describe a sweet babywearing moment.


Lately we’ve taken up evening walks as part of our bedtime ritual. As LO is closing in on the age of two, going to sleep is not his kind of fun. Actually he’d rather do anything else than lie down. Then sleep is hard to catch, and bedtime becomes an exercise in patience. To avoid that, I dress him in PJ’s, foot warmers, balaclava, mittens and maybe some more, depending on temperature. I wrap him on my back or in front in a long cosy wrap and put my babywearing coat on. My babywearing coat (Davai Paris) is long, so if I only wear long johns and generally feel undone, I don’t care. And go for a walk.


He loves to watch trams and buses, dogs and ducks. We sometimes have company or do some errands. But mostly we just walk in solitude. And he winds down. He rarely falls asleep during these walks. But when we get in, he is calmer and will lie down. I can tell him a story or sing songs until sleep finds him. These moments, both the walk and time before sleep are gems and very precious to me. Evenings around here is still dark and not great photo moments, so I share some old pictures from daytime walks instead. Us in our coat ❤


What’s this blog about and who am I?

This is the post excerpt.

Photo: Inga Greipsland

I’m passionate about babwearing. I don’t preach it, because parenting is very personal and it might not be for everyone. But since my son was born 19.5 months ago, circumstances made babywearing a lifesaver. I’ve pushed an empty stroller for months. He hated lying down. Now we know he has been suffering with silent reflux all this time. I’m so happy I listened to my heart and carried him for hours instead of making his life more miserable. Babywearing saved my wrist from chronic inflammation.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

After all this time, I’ve soaked up so much knowledge and geekery it feels almost silly not to share some of my thoughts and experience. And pictures. Is there anything more adorable then a cute baby sitting safely and close to mum or dad? I can watch photos like that endlessly. Personally I’m not a great photographer but I’m working on it. Sometimes it turns out quite okay. And I’m lucky to have a couple of friends that are great at taking pictures. I also take a lot of selfies!

I am Berit Husteli, 38 years old Norwegian mother of one. I live in Oslo, Grünerløkka. Due to my boyfriend’s job in the Royal Norwegian Air Force I am also a part-time single mother. I have a background as a construction engineer and geoscientist, currently job hunting. And I am completely new to blogging. Be kind to me. Useful suggestion of how to do things differently is warmly welcome, though.