Review: Sjala Rowan Carmine 6

This lovely wrap will be released tomorrow November 6th 10.00 CET by draw to purchase at ❤
Blend: 56% organic cotton 37% cotton 7% cashmere
Length: 4.91 m
Width: 0.66 m
Weight: 1052 g
GSM: x (prewash data fra Sjala) 325 (etter vask og bruk)
Bonce/recoil: The perfect little recoil ❤
Grip/glide: A bit more glide than grip
Cush: subtle
Wrappee: 2 years & 14 kg
First encounter:
I first saw this lovely red wrap in a sneak peek from Yvonne (Sjala’s mother <3). I loudly expressed my love for reds, she heard me and sent me this wrap. It’s a rather pure red with bluish tones paired with salmon pink. Because of the mixture of colours, salmon pink is not prominent. I perceive it as bubblegum pink.
It’s actually soft already in loom state, but after a bath and some ironing, it’s almost fluid with a beautiful drape. It’s rather densely woven, but it feels like velvet. Especially the red, which I think is the organic cotton. You could use it a comforter. It feels medium to thin in hand, I was surprised when I measured the GSM to 325.
Wrapping Qualities:
First up was a sloppy morning front wrap cross carry, when LO refused to go to day-care. Want to see trams? Up you go. A little detour on our way to day-care and he was happy. It felt so nice on my shoulders, even in poor execution. Rowan Carmine very easy to wrap and tighten. Actually, it delivered one of the easiest double hammocks I’ve made in a long time. I’m used to more beastly and grippy wraps, so I’m really pleasantly surprised when this happens. It has lovely glide on the red side. If you choose to have the pink side out, it offers more grip. And yes, as all Sjala wraps it does have flipped rails for you to choose the side you prefer.
My favourite carries are front wrap cross carry and double hammock variations (I’m a two trick pony 🙄). I like wraps than allow me to have a tight wrap job, but still allow movement in terms of a little bit of stretch/ bounce/recoil. This wrap has that little recoil, which allow the carry to be tight but feels organic. I thought it would be too thin and deliver too little grip for my likings in a ruck. But I had to try it. It worked really well. I carried for 30-45 minutes in a Tibetian finish with a knot and it delivered both cush and sturdiness. I wish I could have put it to my ultimate test; a day full of hiking in the woods, but the timing was off. If I were to try it, I would have the pink side out to deliver maximum grip for my heavy load.
Because it’s so easy to wrap with I would actually recommend Rowan Carmine to everyone. Both beginners and experienced wrappers would love it. It’s not too thick for tiny babies and it’s not to thin for heavy toddlers. It would double perfect as a shorty and a scarf if you’re into big scarfs. But it not bulky, it will fit in your handbag too. It’s an ideal wrap to learn new carries with, because it’s so easy to mould and tighten. And it’s heavenly for double hammock. Love it. I think it would shine in every size. And it needs no breaking in to feel great. I bet it would be even smoother with time, if that’s even possible.
Just to pour in some cold water in and to keep my objectivity, I need to mention that I don’t think I would reach for it on long hikes with my big kid or when I know I will wrap ugly outside tons of slippery winter clothes. I prefer wraps with more grip for those jobs.
Despite the cashmere, I perceive it as easycare. Yes, I wash all my wraps in the machine in a handwash cycle. It’s not pull prone and it has saturated colours. I will have no problem taking it everywhere and to wrap my toddler everywhere.
Who would love this:
• Lovers of the perfect red ❤
• Those who like medium thick wraps with a hint of cush and a little recoil
• People who don’t like to break in wraps
Who would be more lukewarm to this:
• People who prefer completely mute wraps
• Those who prefer lots of grip and cush
• Those who think that wraps that you don’t need to break in are boring
Thank you Yvonne Fransson Duran, founder of Sjala, for making such exquisite and lush wraps, I really appreciate it :*

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