I’m searching for testers!

Yes, you read it correctly. I’m having this gorgeous, red Sjala Rowan that will be released soon. And I want it to travel. I want to send this wrap out to a few lovely chosen ones. I would like you to be an active part of the Norwegian babywearing society, preferably you have a Instagram account you like to post BW pictures in and of course I ether know you or you have HE Babywearing Feedback Collaborative link. If you are a blogger, that’s good news ❤ You will send it by Norgespakke to the next tester and treat it like it was your own. And you have to like to spam a lot 😉


Does it sound appealing? I’m also thinking about sending out on tour two of my other treasured Sjala wraps from my collection, to spread the Sjala Love ❤ Sjala Rowan Hurricane 7 and Sjala All of these Lines Winter Morning 6, both in a suitable blend for winter, with lots of lovely lambswool.

Photo: Maria Vatne Photography


If you are interested, send me a PM and tell me about yourself if I don’t know you. The red Rowan is suitable for unexperienced wrappers and small babies, as well as bigger babies and toddlers too, the other two is better with bigger babies, toddlers and a little bit of experience. With Hurricane and Winter Morning I would prefer if you don’t have animals inside your house as I’m allergic. Look forward to hearing from you :*


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