Review: Levate Leaves of Ginkgo Mallard 3

Blend: 80% cotton, 20% linen
Length: 3.45 m
Width: 0.67 m
Weight: 692 g
GSM: 300(prewash) 299 (after wash and wear)
Recoil/bounce: Not much
Grip/glide: balanced More grip
Cush: A hint
Wrappee: 2 years 13 kg


First encounter:

It is a densely woven wrap with a complicated pattern, picturing Ginko Biloba leaves, an evolutionary early three with especially beautiful leaves, it has actually existed over 200 million years! One side is the most perfect teal colour according to me, with white pattern. The other side is soft white, with teal pattern. The wrap feels medium to thin in hand, it’s cool to touch and feels quite smooth, despite the subtle relief of the pattern.


Wrapping Qualities:

This is a sturdy wrap. There’s not much bounce or recoil, still there’s the obligatory diagonal stretch to make it comfortable. There’s plenty of grip, but not so much that I find it impossible to position the second layer in a multi pass carry. There’s a slight hint of cush, I think it must be the beautiful and intricate pattern that delivers it.


I used it in a simple ruck tied in front, pirate carry, Poppins, Robins and a sheperd’s. It’s the perfect ruck wrap, rather mute and grippy as I like it. Sheperd’s was the most comfortable. I did find it hard to tighten the toprail though, as I usually do with densely woven, sturdy wraps.


Levate Teal Proto is a true easycare wrap, which can endure just about anything. You can drag it through the woods, sit on it, use it as a towel and of course wrap dirty day-care kids with it. I don’t think it will get pulls easily, despite the complicated pattern. Also it’s supportive without being bulky, and can easily be brought in a handbag to be ready to save tired, small feet.


I would not recommend this wrap to beginners or squish wrappers. But it’s perfect to support bigger babies and toddlers. Any size would be good. Choose your favourite size when this comes up for sale!


Who would love this:

• Lovers easycare beaters than can endure anything
• Fans of intricate patterns
• Those who appreciate a densely woven wrap
• Those allergic to bounce and recoil

Who would be more lukewarm to this:

• Wool seekers
• Persons in need of cush and bounce
• People that hate to break in wraps


I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate to be testing this prototype. I love the pattern and I love that it’s Nordic and made with a northern grown material (linen). Thank you Levate​; Hansotto Kristiansen​ and Nina Feldthaus​ for making this prototype! I’m exited to follow you in the months to come. And thank you Bendikte Lende​, who let me into the Norwegian tester tour when I sneakily asked for it to expand my wrapsperience :*

Edit: Check out as this prototype now is released!


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