Review: Risaroo Celiese Mimosa 5


Blend: 45 % Tencel 55 % Cotton
Length: 4.56m
Width: 0.73 m
Weight: 960 g
GSM: 289(prewash) 288 (after wash and wear)
Recoil/bounce: No
Grip/glide: Glide
Cush: Subtle
Wrappee: 2 years, 13+ kg


First encounter:

The wrap is soft mustard yellow on one side and ecru (off-white) on the other side. Pattern is dots of different sizes connected with curved and straight lines. It’s soft right out of the bag and it got even softer after wash and iron. This one you really want to use as a blanket and a comforter if you ever find yourself devoid of one. You’ll just want to pet it.

Wrapping qualities:

In hand it has medium thickness and it’s mouldable and floppy after the first wash and iron. This one needs no breaking in. It has a sturdiness, not much bounce to trace here, despite the obligatory minimum diagonal stretch.
I used it in a front wrap cross carry, ruck and double hammock with a candy cane chestbelt. It is really cosy and snuggly in a front wrap cross carry, soft, supporting and very easy to tighten. It’s also super for quick rucks and it feels quite soft on the shoulders, despite its relative thinness. I actually preferred to ruck with it, for some weird reason (I’m not really a plain ruck person). I think I like to ruck with wraps that have little stretch, like this one. When wrapping a double hammock, passes glide easily; you will need to focus on holding tension. It’s incredibly easy to tighten. The level of grip is very low, you will need a double knot to seal the deal. Forget about knotless finishes. The sturdiness makes it suitable for long hikes. But, if you carry something rather heavy like me, the lack of grip can compromise the wrapjob over time as it slips out of place; it needs to be adjusted every now and then, which can be annoying. At least that’s what I experienced. It could be that I didn’t manage to tighten it properly across all its generous width, because it’s really wide (73cm). But then again, with a smaller baby this might not even be an issue.
Tencel is a type of viscose. It’s a fibre created chemically from cellulose, a left over from the wood industry. It’s said to be a fibre for warm weather. I’m not sure if I agree. To me Tencel feels warm to touch, kind of like flannel. Flannel is nice and cosy. Think thick flannel shirt, soft and floppy, very nice to the skin. This one you really want to wrap with naked. It’s easycare, not pullprone, but it seems to be prone to pilling, not unlike flannel. I imagine it would be easy to use for a beginner. It would be lovely for a smaller baby too, but its width and thickness might feel intimidating for the smallest ones.

Who would love this:

• Lovers of glide as opposed to grip
• Those who hate breaking in a wrap
• Tencel-fans

Who would be more lukewarm to this:

• Grip lovers
• Tencel-haters
• Those who like narrow wraps
Thank you Erle Jansen at Carry Me for providing me with this wrap to expand my wrapsperience :*

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