Review: Löft Bishnu Grey ringsling

Release April 21-2017
Blend: 40% cotton, 30% silk and 30% cashmere

Cush: Subtle
Stretch/bounce: Yes
GSM: 380
Width: 0.75 m
Wrappee: 2 years, 13+ kg


First encounter

It is the most perfect cold medium dark grey, resembling steel. It’s the result of black and white threads, which you can see if you look more closely. And boy is it soft! I know this one has travelled Sweden before it came to Norway so it must be very broken in. But I hear from Löft and other wearers; it’s indeed soft from the start. If you live in a warmer climate, I wouldn’t worry about the blend, as the weave is very loose and airy. Nor does the cashmere itch. It’s just kitten belly soft. But it does get pulls easily. About the thickness: it’s not at all heavy or thick. I’d say medium thickness. I have not measured the GSM myself, but I find it odd that the fabric is measured to be on the heavy side.


I am not very familiar with handwovens, but visually I see this has a larger herringbone pattern, Löft calls it Chambray herringbone. The long ends are not hemmed. The rings are shiny black and the shoulder is straightforward gathered. The sewing is beautifully done.


Wrapping qualities

I should say a few words about ringslings and us before I proceed. Not everyone click with ringslings and it would be hopeless to listen to my judgement without knowing. I love ringslings. I got my first ringsling when LO was six or eight weeks old and we’ve been heavy users of ringslings until the use declined abruptly at 18 months age. We’ve had several and still have a few that are more or less permanently here, despite the low level of use. I use ringslings for short ups, typically on our way to or from daycare. If LO wants to walk, which he often want these days, I find it sweet to just be ready with the RS on me in case he wants to be carried, walk the wrong way repeatedly or have a meltdown. It happens.


Bishnu Grey is really easy to thread and tighten. It’s not very long; so the tails won’t bother you. I didn’t try anything adventurous with it, like back carries, ruck or DH traditional, I never do. Just plain centred front carries, its better for my back with a heavy load than a hip placed carry.


It carries my toddler quite well, but it does have a slight slippage, and I have to retighten. The shoulder is very comfortable and it is easy to distribute the fabric evenly. The edges dig a little, probably because they are more rigid than the more stretchy inner parts. It’s not uncomfortable to carry my toddler to daycare with it, but I know there are better options for a heavy toddler, without slippage and hard edges. We wore little clothes at the time of testing; we might not even feel the edges dig with more clothes on.


If you carry something lighter than me (13+ kg), this will be awesome. Also if you are new to ringslings or woven wraps, this is a great choice. For some ringsling enthusiasts the greatness as a scarf is more important than sturdiness. This one is a lovely scarf!

I think a few changes to it could make it better for heavier children if I may be that bold to suggest. Matte rings; Fabrics with glide benefit from matte rings as opposed to grippy fabrics, that work better with shiny rings. Hemming the long sides; I know it’s not very common to do so with handwovens, but I think I would be softer for the child’s knee pits if the fabrics folded. Also it would make the ringsling narrower, which would be a nice bonus, as it’s quite wide (0.75m).

Löft is a Danish based company arranging ringslings to be woven and sewn by women in Nepal and northern Thailand. Materials are natural, the production is without harsh chemicals and wages are fair.


Who would love this:

  • Those that need a ringsling that doubles perfectly as a scarf
  • Those craving that perfect grey colour that match everything
  • People that hate to break in a wrap
  • Beginners and persons with a lightweight child

Who would be more lukewarm to this:

  • Those looking for a careless easycare sling (afterall it’s cashmere and it gets pulls easily)
  • Those who prefer a ringsling with more uniform stretch/bounce along the width to accommodate the weight a heavier child

Thank you Löft for arranging this lush sling to be made and Nena Solheim Varga for sending them to me ❤



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