Review: Wrapture Riverbed Clay 6


Blend: 76 % mercerised cotton 18 % spun viscose and 6 % linen

Length: 4.70m

Width: 0.75 m

Weight: 800 g

GSM: 238(prewash) 227 (after wash and wear)

Recoil/bounce: Quite some

Grip/glide: balanced

Cush: Some

Wrappee: 2 years 13 kg


First encounter:

I was drawn to this wrap because of the name and pattern. I’m a sedimentary geologist and I’m fascinated by the patterns small particles in nature form as a result of currents. The ripples get bigger with larger currents and smaller when the current slows. If the river flow slows down so much it can’t move sand anymore, it will cause finer particles to settle in between the ripples until the flow initiates and the currents starts to move sand again. This is what the pattern is showing and why I was drawn to it. Yes I’m a nerd.



The colours are earthy, natural white as a base, with pattern in tan brown, bluish grey and dark brown. The backside is the same as the front. No flipped rails.


This is one soft and fluffy cloud. It’s light and airy, and brings my thoughts to muslin clothes, gauze or bedsheets from the late 70s (you know crisp bedding, which is actually still possible to buy). It’s thin while at the same time fluffy. They say they use some special kind of technical weave; probably in two layers and with a very thin tread interwoven with thicker treads in this geomorphological pattern, making a kind of 3D-effect. I didn’t try to iron it, but maybe its not recommended? The 3D-effect makes this so fluffy and borderline cushy. And very soft to touch.


Wrapping qualities:

This thin and yet so fluffy fabric is floppy and very easy to wrap with. It’s easy to tighten, but it’s also a little tricky, because when you think you’ve tightened enough, there’s still some slack that could result in a saggy wrap job if the child is heavy.


It feels nice on my shoulders in a front wrap cross carry, but first impression is that in single layers with a toddler, this is just for calm cuddles. There’s way too much bounce for hiking or commuting with a heavy load. There’s some grip due to the rippled fabric, but not enough to hold a simple knot you will need a double knot to secure the carry (I know that’s normal, but I own so many grippy wraps, I’m starting to get lazy).


First time wrapping my toddler in a double hammock it was a breeze to wrap him (even though I was standing on my knees in a bed, a technique I try to perfect). So mouldable, thin and easy to put in place while not going anywhere if I accidentally let go of the tension, though not at all hard to tighten. I should have tightened better and sandwiched the shoulder straps, because I felt them digging slightly into my shoulders. It might be the wrap job, but it could also be the fact that the wrap is rather thin and stretchy and my toddler is 13 kg. The next times I did this carry I focused more on tightening and sandwiching the shoulders, which made it way more comfortable. With a heavier child, you need to tighten more than you think and more than you are used to with other wraps, due to the stretch.


If you live in a warm climate or plan to go somewhere warm with your Velcro baby, this is your wrap. It’s soft and cosy to the skin, and breathes very well. The small amount of linen adds a cool feeing and the weave and the thin threads of different thicknesses makes it airy.


This wrap is perfect for squish wrapping. No worries about if tightening can add pressure to baby’s naturally curved spine. It’s not possible, because it’s so stretchy. Only drawback is its width, 75 cm is wide for someone tiny. As it’s so easy to wrap with, I would really recommend it to those who are new to wrapping, you’ll have a golden stairway to wrap skills. It works with a bigger baby or child as well, it’s just not that supportive. There are better choices, is my personal opinion.


I’m okay with the thinness of this wrap, actually it has some cush and if you sandwich the shoulders and spread them out, there’s no pressure. For me it’s just the stretch. I like a little bit of stretch, but with this one has too much for my taste. I could feel my child bounce during my walk. And his bum was definitely below his knees 😉 I think it’s just a question about what you like.


Who would love this:

  • Lovers of lightweight, highly breathing wraps
  • Beginners and squish wrappers
  • Those who prefer a little bit of stretch

Who would be more lukewarm to this:

  • Those who need a sturdy wrap (stretch haters)
  • Those who wrap a bigger child
  • Those who prefer thick and forgiving wraps

Thanks to Sandra Johannesen for organising the tester tour and Wrapture for providing me with this wrap to expand my wrapsperience :*





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