Searching for Norwegian testers!

Versjon 2 As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’m now the Norwegian Ambassador for the Swedish Sjala wraps and will receive some wraps before their release. I will organize small and exclusive tester tours. A good week ago I received a gorgeous Sjala Rowan size 6. The colour and bland is still secret for a while longer, though. But I’m looking for suitable testers. This specific wrap is more suitable for a bigger baby or a toddler before it’s more broken in, and I encourage you to apply.


Versjon 2

In addition to that, this is what I want from you:

  • You carry your child daily
  • You will take care of the wrap like it’s your own
  • You like to photograph and share the treasures
  • You are active in babywearing groups on facebok and love to share and discuss your experiences
  • You are an active member of Norsk Bæregruppe
  • You have a feedback link
  • You will share some pictures and thoughts about the wrap in the Facebook groups Norsk Bæregruppe and All About Sjala
  • Keep the outlined schedule and always post the wrap safely packed with tracking to the next tester (Norgespakke)
  • You need to be able to keep a secret. The colour and blend is a secret until I say so. But using outside is of course all right 😉

Bonus if you like to write a small review and if you’re an active instagrammer (is that a semi-decent noun?). Contact me on Be Carried at Facebook or at ❤ I’m exited to hear from you!


Versjon 2

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