Review: Minako Gem Amber 6


Release 8. March by Minako
Blend: 64% egyptian cotton 36% bourette silk

Length: 4.70
Width: 67
Weight: 940
GSM: 320 (slingofest) 299 (measured by me after wash and wear)
Recoil/bounce: A little
Grip/glide: grippy
Cush: yes!
Wrappee: 2 years, 12.5 kg


First encounter

I’d first seen another testers beautiful pictures from earlier in the testing round; I loved the colours and the mood in the pictures. Finally seeing it for myself, the muted burnt amber colour paired with cool bluish grey on the other side is lush. It’s a clever combo, making the cute, scattered gems of different sizes appear silvery. It’s soft and has a dry feel to the bourette silk side of the wrap. This side, the amber one, has a speckled appearance; orange, yellow and terracotta confetti is spread throughout. It’s thinner in hand than I expected, which pleased me. Slightly above medium thickness, I’d say. It’s spongy and floppy.


Wrapping qualities

It’s not thick and carpet-like, like the first bourette Gems (Sierra, Pacific, Beachstone) though just 8 GSM separates them in Slingofest. Nor is it rigid and initially beastly like the second round of bourette Gems with gassed cotton (Smoky Quartz, Anthracite – they will soften up, though, just give them a lot of hard work). It has that dry bourette feel, which provides the wrap with really nice grip. I love grip! But it makes it less suitable for a beginner. I wouldn’t recommend it for squishes either, but if you are an experienced wrapper, you’ll make it work. It’s soft enough, that’s for sure. It might be just a tad overwhelming.



It has a tiny bit of stretch, but vey little, like most Gems I’ve met (Sierra, Rusty, Amber, Gneiss/TOAK). I think it makes them very suitable for long hikes. That, together with the cush for days makes the wraps easy to choose when you know you’ll be wearing the toddler or baby for a longer period of time. It’ll be very nice on any picky shoulders. This extraordinary cush originates from the weave, all the Gems are woven with a double cloth, what is most often called triweave.


If you often carry a heavy child in a front wrap cross carry, it is ideal. It’ll really takes the weight off your shoulders and heavy becomes as light as it can be. I guess after 12 kg I cannot talk about weightless anymore, but with this wrap I came really close! I loved wearing it in double hammock, such a fluffy and cosy cloud. I think LO did too; it must be really nice on his knee pits and lower thighs. Actually today, he came with Gem Amber to me and wanted to be wrapped. He climbed up on my back, eager to get to day-care. We wore it in a quick ruck tied in front and it had all the cush, tiny stretch and stability you could ask for. Packing this one up and sending to the next tester was very hard, I’ve enjoyed it for quite some time now, and it will be missed.


Who would love this:

• Cush lovers
• Those that are into dry and grippy wraps
• Confetti lovers


Who would be more lukewarm to this:

• People who prefer glide more than grip
• Those who aren’t fans of the Gem pattern (weird, yes. But I know a few)
• Those who prefer very silent and thin wraps (SS feather and bracken-tussah for example)


Thank you Elena Moskoleva for making these exquisite lush wraps and sending them up North. And thank you Beathe Hodne Manger for organizing the wrap tours and for being so extremely patient with me while I had the wraps. That meant a lot to me


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