Review: Linuschka Bolero Serenity 6


Photo: Tale Hendnes

Released 11 January by Linuschka Hamburg

Blend: 48% peruvian pima cotton 52% tussah silk

Length: 4.8m

Width: 0.66 m

Weight: 951 g

GSM: 308 (Slingofest) 951/3.168 = 300 (my measurement after wash and use)

Recoil/bounce: almost none

Grip/glide: quite grippy

Cush: subtle

Wrappee: 21 months, 12.5 kg


This review has been hanging with me, giving me a bad conscience for a while. There was never a true first encounter, as it was already released and it had been to multiple testers and I’d even touched it before I had it in my living room. And its very similar sister Bolero New Life was already a loved member in my stash. But when it was time to send it off to the next tester I had sold New Life and decided to buy Serenity instead. I never did, life has it’s own ways. But I’ve been afraid to write this review. I might end up buying it. The struggle to try to not buy every wrap you love is real!

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-30
Photo: Tale Hendnes


The wrap has a vintage floral pattern, one of my favourites in the wrap world. Base is a natural white with pattern in a dark brown colour. There’s light blue, tan brown and dark brown tussah nubs throughout, texture all the way. Weave is rather dense, but not dense like Hubertine’s if you know what I mean. Air is absolutely able to pass. It was well loved before it got here, hence it’s lovely floppy and soft, but I hear they are soft and moldable from the first wash and iron. It folds up rather small and is easy to bring around.

Photo: Tale Hendnes (iPhone)

Wrapping Qualities

This wrap is rather thin and lightweight despite a GSM above the medium range. It is soft, gentle and thin enough to carry a squish in. It has the typical nubby tussah surface. This surface gives the wrap an extraordinary nice grip. The grip makes the wrap more suitable for experienced wrappers, I’d say. Bonus is that it stays in place when you’re finished wrapping. It also has the typical sturdiness of silk. If you’re looking for bounce and recoil, you have to look elsewhere. Due to this, I think it’s very suitable for long hikes with a heavy child. Too much movement in a wrap while being active makes my back tired faster. I used this for my then 21 months and 12.5 kg boy. My shoulders were always happy. No sag!

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-2
Photo: Tale Hendnes

My go to carries with this wrap was a classical double hammock. Or a front wrap cross carry. What I like the most with this wrap is that you don’t need to focus on holding tension. It won’t slide. You will never need more than a single knot. Your shoulder straps won’t slide. Not even on a slippery cashmere sweater. Basically it keeps the wrap job for miles and miles and it’s perfect under a babywearing jacket, because when it’s cold you really don’t want to take off the jacket to adjust the wrap job.

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-26
Photo: Tale Hendnes

What’s better is that it’s very hard to catch any of the threads by mistake. I think you’ll have to work very hard to actually get any pulls. Toss it around, lay it on the ground. Sit on it. No problem. It can tolerate it. It’s the perfect workhorse and it can be washed in the machine at 30 degree with a low spin.


It’s neither warm nor cool. It’s the perfect all round beater. If you only plan to own one wrap or two throughout the year and the WQ’s suit you, this is your wrap. It’s been two months since I sent it off, first Bolero New Life and then this. I still miss it. I think I will be on the lookout for this one. The Linuschka tussah Bolero’s definitely has my heart ❤


Who would love this:

  • Lovers of badass grip
  • People allergic to bounce and recoil
  • Those looking for an easy-going wrap, low-care wrap that works in all climates and all purposes
  • People who like medium to thin wraps


Who would be more lukewarm to this:

  • Cush- and bounce lovers
  • Sloppy wrappers
  • Those who don’t deal with organic patterns
  • People who like medium to thick wraps
Foto Tale Hendnes-2-5
Photo: Tale Hendnes

Thank you so much Oxana Shmatova for letting me test the wrap for a generous amount of time. And thank you Tale Hendnes for offering your awesome photographing skills ❤

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-12
Photo: Tale Hendnes

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