Review: Linuschka Boutons Piano 4


Versjon 2

From Linuschka Hamburg

Blend: Blend: 40% bio cotton 25% egyptian cotton 35 % japanese silk

Length: 4.08 m

Width: 0.695 m

Weight: 1178 g

GSM: 342(prewash) 415 (after wash)

Recoil/bounce: quite some

Grip/glide: very grippy

Cush: tons!

Wrappee: 21 months, 12.2 kg


Top: Dahlia Us Everywhere   Middle: Boutons Nameless     Bottom: Ipomee Velvet Sunset

First encounter:

When I first took this out of the bag, OMG. It was like cardboard. I managed to check it out, drape my self in it to see if the colour was good on me (yes it was) and then fold it to do stash shots with it. But seriously, it needed a bath as soon as possible. After a bath and gentle temperature ironing it was completely changed. It’s still quite thick, but very soft, mouldable and incredibly spongy. One side is soft grey with colourful confetti. The other side is warm, light blue. The weave is a triweave, yet with a single cloth (as opposed to Ipomee Velvet Sunset that has double). The design is minimalistic and has a crisp coolness to it, due to the spaciously placed “buttons” into a rather uniform background.

Top: Nameless Boutons        Bottom: Ipomee Velvet Sunset

Wrapping Qualities

It is thick and heavy, with some bounce, extremely cushy and forgiving. As it’s so soft right away, I’d say no breaking is needed. I’m sure you will experience a change after a lot of use, but I didn’t use it enough to see that change myself. The grip in this wrap is superb. I love it! Nothing ever slides back. It means even though wrapping and tightening it is a little workout, you will harvest all your hard work.

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-54

I used it most of the time in a simple ruck tied in front, sometimes in a pirate carry. Pirate carry was hard for me to handle though, probably because I’m a meticulous wrapper and more comfortable with thinner wraps (though I must admit I’m no expert with this carry to begin with). I used it in a front wrap cross carry tied under bum, that was very comfortable and sturdy. Only a single knot is needed, even for a toddler. Also, I tried Poppins hip carry. That was super comfortable, LO was weightless, even if the wrapjob was less than perfect.

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-55

This wrap works best with bigger babies and toddlers, due to its thickness. It’s a prison, actually. Your loved one will have trouble popping the seat. I’d also say it suits an experienced wrapper more, due to grip and weight. You will need to work for tightening and double passes. But then again, if you don’t manage to tighten well or layer multipasses properly, you will still experience excellent comfort. I would also advise you to order a size over what you normally go for, as it wraps short.

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-60

Who would love this?

  • Lovers of thick, cushy and forgiving wraps
  • Fans of badass grip
  • Confetti lovers

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-61

Who would be more lukewarm to this?

  • Precision wrappers
  • Tiny people (both bebes and parents, narrow shoulders can only accommodate a certain amount of fabric)
  • Those who don’t like bounce and stretch.


Foto Tale Hendnes-2-56

I’m very grateful for getting to try this wrap, thank you Oxana Shmatova :* And thank you Tale Hendnes for taking photos of me and bub, it always turns out great and kind of flattering ❤ Your’re a magician!

Foto Tale Hendnes-2-66



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