Review: Woven Wings Tin Man 6

I’m not a huge fan of geometric patterns. I’m all about the organic and romantic. With Woven Wings I’ve been ecstatic over those gorgeous droplets and stockinette’s. So I never tried a Woven Wings Geo before. The Geo blends always left me drooling, though. Finally, Woven Wings HQ sent me this; I have one to get to know better!



Unreleased wrap from the Oz Collection

Blend: 39% egyptian cotton 37% ethical merino 24 % linen

Length: 4.82 m

Width: 0.595 m

Weight: 762 g

GSM: 266 (after wash)

Bounce: some diagonal

Grip/glide: more glide than grip

Cush: subtle

Wrappee: 21 months, 12.2 kg


 First encounter:

It is classically black and silvery grey, a subtle contrast for the pattern to show, but not take over your outfit. One side has a grey base with black pattern and vice versa. You can use either side, because the hems are flipped. It will work equally well in both formal events and casual everyday life.This wrap is lovingly soft and floppy, medium thick and feels light to manoeuvre. I’m not sure how long the wrap has been travelling, but it has gotten lots of love and feels broken in to me. The wrap seems like a breeze to wrap with and I cannot wait to give it a go.


Wrapping Qualities:

I took it for neighbourhood strolls, daycare runs and a really long hike in the woods. I’d say it shines in every occasion. It’s very comfortable in a double hammock. The wrapping process is effortless and quickly executed. So easy to tighten. It will stretch and give you a pretty and tight chest pass, but it will not recoil to give you a bouncy feel. Normally I don’t like double knots (it’s wrong, I know), but with this one not having the badass grip I normally go for that is necessary. Luckily the knots turns out small and pretty. It’s thin in hand yet has a hint of cush. It does have a tiny bit more glide than grip. I wrapped an emotional toddler in an emergency kangaroo (easy breezy) and I lulled him to sleep in a front wrap cross carry, both very comfortable.


I was a bit reluctant before I took it hiking, because a long hike with a toddler is no easy task for a wrap. I have my favourite hiking wrap and I rarely take others. A great hiking wrap for me, is nice on the shoulders, equally nice in double hammock, ruck and front wrap cross carry and cannot be pull prone. I don’t like too much bounciness as it leaves my back sore (too much core exercise, huh?). I like grippy too. But I figured it’s the ultimate test, and I’m too much of a geek to not have it tested. Off we went. I used a regular double hammock most of the time, and my son expectantly took a long wrap nap. He didn’t even wake up when we arrived a destination for lunch.


After lunch I let him walk some, but being too much of hazard in the wilderness, I had to wrap him up quickly in a ruck with a tibetian finish. I didn’t plan to, but I walked for quite a bit with this ruck. It felt very nice. Later I tried a double hammock with a candy cane chestbelt too, that was actually the most comfortable carry, I think. All in all, I’d say that Tin Man was up for the task. No regrets bringing him.


This is one of those rare wraps that work equally well for both a squish and a toddler. It’s thin and soft, but strong and cushy enough for a toddler. Even in one layer only, in a simple ruck, it felt nice on my shoulders. My shoulders aren’t very sensitive though (I think). If this would have a tad more grip, it would actually be the perfect wrap for me. But most people aren’t such suckers for badass grip like I am, therefore I think a lot of people would really love it! Also, it doesn’t matter if you are new to wrapping or experienced, it will actually be very nice as a first woven wrap or the 50th.


Tin Man will be small in your handbag, perfect for lovers of long and thin wraps, even though you might carry it around (toddlerhood). I think it will fit into my hip sack, actually. Also it will be stylish, soft and snuggly as a scarf. A person replied on my Instagram saying that to her and her 9 kg baby, this was the perfect ruck wrap. That’s understandable.


Because of the linen, it is cool to touch, but the merino adds a little warmth and fluffiness. It’s highly breathable and not very densely woven. This will work equally well in both warm and cold climates. The wool does not prickle or itch (nor am I very sensitive). It’s perfect for lovers of thin wraps. Argh! It’s perfect for me actually. Without the geometric pattern and a dash more grip I would totally go for it. When will it be released?


 Who would love this:

  • Monokrome lovers (yes you!)
  • Lovers of strong thin-to-medium wraps
  • Beginners
  • Keepers of minimalist stashes and all-round wraps
  • Someone who aim to master new carries


Who would be more lukewarm to this:

  • those who prefer thick and carpet-like wraps that forgives the sloppiest wrap jobs
  • those who are terrible at keeping tension while wrapping and therefore prefers wraps with badass grip (toddler prisons)
  • Lovers of light and bright colours



Thank you Woven Wings, for sending this to me ❤  And my friend Inga Greipsland for hiking along with her big camera and taking pictures ❤



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