Minako Ursus

Coincidence has made it so that I, a bigtime Minako lover suddenly find myself with no less than two Minako Ursus wraps a home. This is due to huge generosity in the babywearing community. Gotta love that. Ursus is the latin family name of bears, which in a very subtle and abstract way is in the pattern. It’s the first time I try it. I’ve been sticking to the Gem pattern because I’ve always had a huge crush on that, geologist and all.


Top one is brand new, straight from Russia with love, Ursus Lacy. The blend is 42% Egyptian cotton, 36% Tsumugi silk and 22% Irish linen. My toddler and I are breaking it in for another mama. It has had a first bath here and had to be ironed. OMG it’s so boring to iron silk. It is the slowest process ever. But it does make a difference, so I bear it. Pun not intended, initially!


The second one, Ursus Polar comes from a loving home and has been travelling for some weeks. The weave is well set and it’s broken in. Ursus Polar lends its name from the king of the Arctic, Ursus Maritimus, better known as Mr. Polar Bear. The blend is 42% L.S. egyptian cotton, 36% Japanese Tsumugi silk (space dyed) 16% mulberry silk and 6%babycamel. What a mix! The colour composition is from pastel babyblue, navy and black. But the appearance to me, is grey and black, with a subtle play of colour; blue, yellow and purple. It reminds me of the optics that occur in oil when the sun hits it.


I’m not a huge fan of the pattern astatically, though it’s growing on me. Still, I love what the pattern does. It provides loads of grip, cush, some diagonal stretch and a heavy drape. I like the fact that there are bears in the pattern, but you can’t see them unless you look very carefully for them. It’s really abstract. The designer of this, Yehrin Tong, also made Oscha Raja and Zorro. You can easily see the resemblance. If you are a Raja or Zorro lover, look out for Ursus. It comes in a lot of exiting blends blends.


Thank you Beathe Hodne Manger and Nena Solheim Varga for expanding my level of wrapsperience ❤



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