Pile of fluff: Now also with names

Someone in my Instagram account asked me if I can write the names of the wraps. Of course I can. But I’d rather do it here, because I’m lacy and prefer a computer keyboard over the phone any day.


Left, bottom to top:

Sling Studio Falling Feathers Owlet 6

Minako Gem Gneiss 6

Solnce Phases Saorsa 6

Woven Wings November Rain 6

Kokoro Mon Chéri Fog 6

Sling Studio Buzz Melliferous

Linuschka Bolero New Life 6


Right, bottom to top:

Sjala Rowan Hurricane 5

Sling Studio Bracken Barberry 4

PinkNova Leaves Salt and Pepper 4

Ankalia Fuse Twilight 4

Sling Studion Heritage Herringbone Jurassic Slate 3

Linuschka Bolero Proto 2

London Sling Company Voronoi Dunaway RS

Artipoppe Argus Illusion RS


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