My pile of fluff

I mentioned how winter makes me question my pile of silk and other fancy constituents and that I hate that. Yesterday another factor slipped into the equation. LO walked the entire way home from day-care. While I very much welcome that as a mother, I see his eager steps and curious and proud face and melt inside, the babywearer in me dies just a little. Now that I nearly perfected my collection!


I have thin to medium thick, yet some cushy and lovely grippy wraps in every length and level of care. Something for hot days and sickness, something for hour-long walks in the woods, something endlessly soft and comforting for lulling LO to sleep. Some of them are, or at least used to be highly sought after. And a couple of ringslings for quick fixes.

Photo: Maria Vatne/ Bygdefotografen

I know I have to rationalize somehow, but I’d rather just postpone it…

Photo: Maria Vatne/ Bygdefotografen

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