Buckles can be handy too

I’m a wrapper at heart, but sometimes I need the ease of buckles. Like today; my body was seriously aching after the first yoga class in over a year. Yes, I know I should take it slow at first, but I was so happy to discover that my body remembered the movements and that I wasn’t that weak after all. Babywearing has strengthened me!


I vaguely remember someone in a in Facebook chatter-group saying that they became a better swimmer after motherhood due to babywearing, even though she was quite good to begin with, competing and all. I have never had a strong upper body; I’ve actually hated all kinds of push-ups and all ab-workouts because of this. See the vicious circle? Imagine how amazed I was when I could follow the yoga class after all this time, a little stiff, but stronger than ever. Well, stronger, but not that strong.


Now, two days after I literally cannot move without crying. I tried wrapping. Ouch. So todays evening walk had to be in buckles. Lucky for me I own the comfiest, most beautiful buckles. It is a special soft structured carrier wrap conversion sewn by Koshko-Mama, made from a very pretty and rare wrap, Minako Quartz Gem. This soft structured carrier is one of a kind. Now baby is asleep, and soon I will too. Hope to feel better tomorrow ❤


PS: Old pictures, due to evening darkness.




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