The second blog post: Evening walks

The second blog post. A true milestone. It’s like a popular band’s second album. What’s your angle on it? How serious, how to the point will you be? Should it be more conversational? I’d come to; whatever suits me in the moment. I’ll write small anecdotes, post a wrap review, share some pictures or describe a sweet babywearing moment.


Lately we’ve taken up evening walks as part of our bedtime ritual. As LO is closing in on the age of two, going to sleep is not his kind of fun. Actually he’d rather do anything else than lie down. Then sleep is hard to catch, and bedtime becomes an exercise in patience. To avoid that, I dress him in PJ’s, foot warmers, balaclava, mittens and maybe some more, depending on temperature. I wrap him on my back or in front in a long cosy wrap and put my babywearing coat on. My babywearing coat (Davai Paris) is long, so if I only wear long johns and generally feel undone, I don’t care. And go for a walk.


He loves to watch trams and buses, dogs and ducks. We sometimes have company or do some errands. But mostly we just walk in solitude. And he winds down. He rarely falls asleep during these walks. But when we get in, he is calmer and will lie down. I can tell him a story or sing songs until sleep finds him. These moments, both the walk and time before sleep are gems and very precious to me. Evenings around here is still dark and not great photo moments, so I share some old pictures from daytime walks instead. Us in our coat ❤


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