What’s this blog about and who am I?

Photo: Inga Greipsland

I’m passionate about babwearing. I don’t preach it, because parenting is very personal and it might not be for everyone. But since my son was born 19.5 months ago, circumstances made babywearing a lifesaver. I’ve pushed an empty stroller for months. He hated lying down. Now we know he has been suffering with silent reflux all this time. I’m so happy I listened to my heart and carried him for hours instead of making his life more miserable. Babywearing saved my wrist from chronic inflammation.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

After all this time, I’ve soaked up so much knowledge and geekery it feels almost silly not to share some of my thoughts and experience. And pictures. Is there anything more adorable then a cute baby sitting safely and close to mum or dad? I can watch photos like that endlessly. Personally I’m not a great photographer but I’m working on it. Sometimes it turns out quite okay. And I’m lucky to have a couple of friends that are great at taking pictures. I also take a lot of selfies!

I am Berit Husteli, 38 years old Norwegian mother of one. I live in Oslo, Grünerløkka. Due to my boyfriend’s job in the Royal Norwegian Air Force I am also a part-time single mother. I have a background as a construction engineer and geoscientist, currently job hunting. And I am completely new to blogging. Be kind to me. Useful suggestion of how to do things differently is warmly welcome, though.

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